Unbiased Powweb review and actual site hosted

This Powweb review site is hosted. This review site is hosted since 2007 and oath to be truthful and honest. Our intensive research covered product testing, feature checking and quality monitoring. We put in a lot of effort and time to ensure this web hosting company is thoroughly rated. In this review site, we evaluate and test every tiny feature provided in here. Look at our latest editor verdicts and you will see we are having the most intensive reports ever. We also have some nice coupons that offer various discount and saving up to 57% off for customer signup.

$3.40 promotion price Wordpress hosting promo

Powweb review on all product range. They are with all unlimited shared hosting and they highlighting it is using load balanced technology. This is extraordinary service and it uses the latest technology to create an unmatched service. This new server platform has increased the service reliability and enhanced the user experience.

This Powweb.com is a famous budget hosting company and their hosting plan uses the more reliable load balancing network infrastructure. This mean they are better than other average web hosting providers. Here are the 5 thing to know about them and their benefits:

  • This is an eco-friendly and a verified 100% green.
  • Control panel is using vDeck version 4.
  • WordPress plan is now $3.00 a month (newly introduced).
  • Uses load-balanced technologies (not found elsewhere).

Powweb review on features and specification. There are many reasons to choose this, and the most important one is likely their load balancing technology. There is extra hardware in place to make the service even faster and better. This is why we highly recommend this. Next, we are checking on their features and specification. We all know that this is an unlimited web hosting plan and come with all unlimited resources, here are the highlight:

  • Unlimited domain and host as many domains as you want.
  • Unlimited storage space and use as many disk space as require.
  • Unlimited data transfer and all bandwidth needed is here.
  • Unlimited email accounts with POP or IMAP.

In here, we are given full permission to access and use as many disk space as required. We can host few domains and not just one. We can have a blog in here created using WordPress, and later have a few more blogs or content management site as well. This mean within this web hosting space, we can allocate multiple websites in here and each site is independent and works by their own. We are given 75 MySQL database and for this we can choose to host this number of database driven website. Basically what limiting us is the number of files or inodes to be permitted in one account and that limit is not worrying us after all.

Powweb review on customer service. Their customer support is nothing but the best. When choosing a new web host, please make sure they provide top notch technical support and after sales. Besides good load-balanced hosting service, they are also famous for their 24×7 customer support which are available via following channels:

  • Toll free phone call to technical support (866-476-9932).
  • Email ticket to technical support.
  • Online live chat help.
  • Live server and system status announcement.

The live server status announcement is the newest feature and it shows your current server status and any failure happening. When website is offline, the first thing we will check in this server status page and find out is there any maintenance work in progress. Once an unplanned downtime is detected, we can contact customer support via any channel available and get their help to fix it. All shortcut link is available in our control panel and we can access it quickly too, it is truly convenient.

Powweb review on signup process. Finally we have decided to signup. After a month plus heard about them and run few research on them, we are convinced this is a good host. Hopefully we will getting to the right service now. We signup with them and the signup process is simple and easy. At their official homepage, find the sign up button. Select the plan of choice and we would suggest 12 or 24 months for best value. Choose a new domain for free. Click the confirmation link and fill in account information and billing information. Complete the order page and its done. Once we have completed the signup process and having the new account, we start migrating this review website over and start to host it here. The migration process is simple and we choose to do it our own. User that require assistant can get help from support team on this.

Technical support and customer support quality are excellent and always available when we need their help. From my experience, I have learned the true fact about them. Truth is that they are fully US based and we love to talk with people that understand our website problem and able to solve the issue by themselves. They are well trained and know how to fix web server problems. Customer support are helpful and available whenever we need technical help. Many years of experience and we never felt disappointed at all.

Powweb review on FTP server connection. FTP server connection is working greats. If you are beginner and going to publish custom built website, this is how to manually FTP upload Web files to server. What need to be done is moving a copy of those files to server. The only choice is to use FTP upload the file transfer protocol to move the files from local computer to the server side. There is no other way. Usually we will use Filezilla FTP client to do the uploading work. This FTP does support multi-threading and uses a few threads processing.

Powweb review on FrontPage and site builder. It support Microsoft FrontPage 2003 extensions and this feature are available in control panel. All applications created with FrontPage extensions will work, create and edit from PC then publish it directly online. Use the webpage editor conveniently and saves time to produce better looking homepage. To install this, log in to OPS control panel and select the Install tab and enter a password in the text box and click next button. Since the FrontPage extensions are not compatible with some web tool features, do not enable this server extensions if you are building site using Sitedelux web editor.

Powweb review on addon products. They are offering wide range of addon products and services. They are offering much more than shared hosting services and we are constantly seeing more new products being added from year to year. Here are the available product and its price:

  • Gomobile mobile site builder at $1.98 a month.
  • Register new domain name from $5.99 a year.
  • WordPress hosting plan from $3.00 a month.
  • Exchange hosting from $12.95 a month.
  • Sitelock professional domain protection from $39.99 a year.
  • SSL certificate price from $59.95 a year.

Powweb review on overall user rating and score. After checking all their web hosting products, signup and tested it, check all necessary features, and experience everything here… we are ready to cast a vote and try to give them a fair rating. Throughout the recent years, we have spotted quit some negative reviews for them and we realized some of these online source are outdated and not providing the most recent information. What we want to know is how well they have performed this year and last year. We want timely and accurate review information for users to see. And for their rating for this year, we have updated the following star rating chart and awarded them as the following.


Powweb reviews from customers. Anyone who want to comment on their services can submit their testimonials to us. We will posted it here and shared it online. Here are some of the latest testimonials from some of the customers.

Powweb review from Joanne. “What I want to say is just wow. They are simply amazing. I never seen so much in one spot. With this collection, I can see their yearly promotion and their current price compare to last year for example. This help me to choose the best time to signup and when to wait.”

Powweb review from Emi. “I would like to know when this promotion will return. Keep me informed of this and I am looking forward to signup with this load-balanced hosting plan.”

Powweb review from Jerry. “I don’t know where to begin. Pow Web is truly the best web hosting solution I have ever come across. I’ve never had a problem with lost data or slow load speeds since I started using this service which was close to 3 years ago! I urge anyone willing to try to not hesitate! Pow Web rocks for me, you’ll love it too!”

Powweb review from Kyle. “I love how they get it right with their customer service support crew. I’ve used other web hosting services that lacked or had an inconsistent response team or had a group of guys trained to answer phones, but have no real understanding of what the product is really about. These guys always know the answers to my questions before I am finished typing them! Great!”

Powweb review from Sophie. I love how everything is so affordable such that I am literally spoil for choice every time I am on their site. Just got their Exchange Hosting product and I am about to pay only $38.85 every quarter. That’s a pretty sweet bargain if you ask me!”

Powweb review from Jade. “You won’t find a group like these guys often. I mean, they solely develop their entire site hosting software so that it is catered to the specific needs of an individual. I found this really impressive. They want to help you create your website the way you want to create it. Forget about those domain providers who force stuff on you just so that they can make an extra buck!”

Powweb review from Sam. “This service hits the nail straight on the head every single time. They must have some sophisticated stuff or brains behind the operations of this service because I’ve never had problems with slow net or snail loading speeds. My Pow Web takes care of my business for me.”

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Powweb review and coupon by Godfrey Cooper

PowWeb is basically a web hosting provider that made its’ debut back in the year 1999. They have over 15 years of experience in offering high quality services at a significantly low cost. The company is quite different from the others in the sense that they don’t feature multiple hosting plans which normally aim to rip clients off. Instead, this web hosting provider got a single plan, which is known as “One Plan”. A client only has to pay a couple of dollars each month.

PowWeb is 1 of the few hosting companies which offers services that are geared to suit their clients’ needs. They basically developed their own custom hosting software and their own automation, that’s tailored directly to their clients’ needs. Their entire infrastructure was developed and built by their own developers and programmers. PowWeb also manages and operates their entire network and all the equipment. Today, PowWeb web hosting provider remains unrivaled in terms of quality services, reliability, performance and support in the web hosting community. The company offers clients an all inclusive hosting package meaning you don’t have to be worried about the support for your email accounts or/and MySQL databases. Clients also get to benefit from PowWeb’s 24/7/365 customer support which is well handled by their professional team.

PowWeb web hosting is basically one of the very best web hosting providers in the industry. Though they only have 1 web hosting plan, the plan gives you everything you’ll need when it comes to hosting a site. PowWeb packs each single web hosting account with amazing features that makes it worth the couple of dollars you will pay per month.


The company puts lots of features in a single plan and it tries to gain clients’ accolades by their very own developed and in house built load balanced technology platform.

The company offers clients unlimited disk space in addition to a monthly data transfer. Moreover, clients can also get to enjoy PowWeb’s self designed control panel known as Member Operations Center. As for the domains, clients can get to host unlimited number of domains and sub domains. There are also daily backups and about 15 MySQL databases included in the plan.


When it comes to performance, this web hosting provider is rather proud of its’ load balanced hosting technology platform which offers multiple paths for accessing websites which ensures no downtime. Actually, this web hosting provider promises clients 99.9 percent uptime.


PowWeb web hosting provides 24/7 support via live chat, e-mail and telephone. Customer support is a must for all web hosting providers, basically because it shows clients that the web hosting provider is giving them exactly what they are paying for. PowWeb also has a forum where users can communicate with the other users.

Control Panel

This web hosting provider offers users with opportunity to use control panel which was developed and built exclusively for PowWeb. The company offers a fascinating community which has useful webmaster resources along with forums which provide PowWeb’s customers with a brilliant informational gateway. In addition to this, clients will have everything they need when it comes to managing their PowWeb accounts. PowWeb’s control panel is well scaled down and it only focuses on just a few features which cater to beginners.

Server Speed and Security

The company offers complete redundancy of its’ software; through the load balancing of servers, the clients’ website has got multiple paths to its’ destination. This way, the clients’ websites will be safely delivered to website visitors, even if there happens to be an issue with some part of infrastructure. As a matter of fact, PowWeb offers high quality anti spam and anti virus protection to all its’ customers. PowWeb basically provides the best routing and full redundancy via BGP4 Tier 1 back bone and the multiple Gigabit fiber optic connections for a quick load and 99.9% uptime.


PowWeb only has a single plan for the shared web hosting. Normally, all you have to pay is $9.99 per month. The company also offers great discounts to its’ customers, for instance, for 1 year service, you’d enjoy about 62% off at about $4.18 per month, and if you want to host with PowWeb for over two years, you will only have to pay $3.88 per month.

PowWeb Coupon

PowWeb Coupon is actually considered as 1 of the best promotions for those who want to get affordable and quality web hosting solutions. By using the PowWeb Coupon, one can easily sign up with PowWeb at only $3.88 per month. Actually, PowWeb Coupons can help the new customers get all inclusive hosting solutions at the cheapest prices.


PowWeb is well known for its’ reputation, great reliability and quality services, meaning that when you pick PowWeb web hosting, you’re truly in good hands. PowWeb is perfect for creating both business and personal websites, and the PowWeb Coupon is 1 of the very best options which can help you save some money. As a matter of fact, PowWeb delivers feature rich hosting solutions, efficient and fast performance. In addition, PowWeb offers helpful, fast and friendly customer support; their support team is ever available, and you can easily contact them through their toll free phone call, live chat or email. Choose PowWeb web hosting today and start enjoying their amazing offers.

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Powweb review and coupon by Santana Nyeks

PowWeb has been around since 1999. The company maintains its top position in ‘low cost’ web hosting niche. They use innovative web hosting services that benefit from load-balancing technology to maximize websites’ uptime. PowWeb developed in-house, the entire infrastructure and software it requires to offer web hosting and automation services. This gives the company a good short at tailoring the provisions for their customers.


PowWeb’s web hosting services comes with unlimited disk space and scalable bandwidth or data transfer. This essentially means you can host an unlimited number of websites. The offer also comes with 75 MySQL databases and a free domain name with every 12 month, 24 month or 36 month subscription.

Uptime Guarantee

PowWeb has high-speed connection that delivers efficient and reliable performance. Moreover, the high technology load-balanced servers they rely on give your websites no hassle and more perfect uptime percentage.

Domain Registration

PowWeb offers one free domain with the hosting plan. This is just perfect for their chosen niche – small-to-medium sized businesses.

InstallCentral – Integrated instant script installer

PowWeb uses InstallCentral tool. This is an instant script installer that works with all the leading content management software. It provides Joomla and WordPress and image galleries like Coppermine and Gallery2. While this is Fantastico’s equivalent in PowWeb’s competitors, this scrip installer has a broader menu than Fantastico. It further enhances the adaptability of extensions like discussion boards (phpBB), Guest books, Groupware, ecommerce add-ons, chat and RSS.

Custom control panel

PowWeb has a custom control panel that they call OPS. It is powerful and elaborate and handles all the core functionalities including registering domain names, setting up email accounts and billing. OPS probably is the most straightforward control panel and quite easy to navigate.

Price, coupons and discounts

PowWeb offers come in three denominations; 1-year offer valued at US $81.72, 2-year offer priced at US $146.64 and 3-year offer valued at US $183.96. However, all these offers carry mouthwatering discounts. Upon subscription, you pay US $50.16 for the 1-year offer and US $93.12 and US $139.68 for the 2-year and 3-year offers respectively. These offer prices come with 62%, 61% and 57% discounts off the market price. These promotional discounts are applicable only for the first term only.

PowWeb offers an easy means of payment with all its offers. The 12-month plan for instance, is conveniently available at US $4.18 per month while customers subscribing for the 24 and 36-month plans pay a monthly fee of just US $3.88.

You can get even further savings if you have a PowWeb coupon code. You can redeem this special offer by navigating into the secret page http://www.powweb.com/secret/ and keying in the code in the designated box.


PowWeb’s one plan package gives you every hosting solution you want and at a low fee. Moreover, the company is reputable and operates within the confines of business ethics.

The company uses its own hardware as well as proprietary software. Most other service providers just hitchhike most of the time. Hitchhiking comes with minimal service guarantee. PowWeb conducts upgrades using in-house resources so there are always new tools and features that customers can benefit from every so often.

They have friendly technical support reachable any time of the day, or night via phone, email or live chat.

Is PowWeb a good choice?

According to many PowWeb reviews online, the company seems ordinary. It offers everything your average hosting service provider offers. However, most providers however either use leased resources or rely on outdated technology. PowWeb on the other hand, rely on stable in-house hardware and software. They have dependable technology and offer services that are priced just right. If you are seeking hosting services for your small-to-medium sized establishment, then PowWeb is a great choice.

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