Powweb coupons and discounts 57% (use this signup link)

Powweb coupon for 57% discount or $3.40 a month.

For selected holiday sale and promotion day, their unlimited plan at discounted price is available at $3.40/mo or with up to 57% in saving. All new customers who chosen this promotion price are entitled for a free domain name. During this hour, we try to signup and there is no coupon code to activate. Their official homepage is showing this new discount price instantly.

Powweb coupon 57% off

Powweb coupon for 54% discount.

We have investigate their sales promotion for many years. And throughout all these time, we have spotted this 54% off from them. This is the more commonly found offer price and often seeing this $3.88/mo at their official homepage. For limited time and selected few, the best coupon code ever is this $3.40/mo.

This discount is valid for those selecting 1 or 2 years signup. However the 3 years is only offering with 44% off. For best saving, please choose the one or 2 years plan only.

  1. One year is $4.18/month or 54% off. You pay $50.16 and save $57.72.
  2. Two years is $3.88/month or 54% off. You pay $93.12 and save $110.64.
  3. Three years is $3.88/month or 54% off. You pay $139.68 and save $111.96.

$3.88 promotion

Powweb coupon for WordPress hosting.

They have introduced the WordPress optimized hosting plan this year, and as an introductory offer they include the special price for beginners. The WP Essential plan only cost $3.00/mo and customer will be billed $36 dollars for first year service plan. It will renew later at regular rate. This WordPress plan is rated 62% faster in speed compare to regular shared hosting.

wordpress hosting promo

Powweb coupon via cash back rebates.

If you are looking for web hosting rebate website, we would recommend get half price rebate when signup. Next, write us a short user review feedback and earn a small $5 dollar in form of cash rebate. These are the two web hosting rebates will give user the best saving. First one will give you half price discount and help to save each month. Choosing two years plan and that will be staggering $93 dollars. Lastly we have $5 reward for your user review.

write review

Powweb coupon: $100 Google Adwords credits.

If you want to know more, please contact either sales or support team for all the details. Get $100 Google Adwords when spending $25. The credit is available right inside your control panel and valid for all US and Canada customers only. Anyone who used and activated this credit will no longer be able to cancel their hosting account and claim for full refund after. This is the only limitation and the attached term condition.

google adwords

Powweb coupon: Sitelock is now with 30 days free trial.

They are recommending this domain protection service and perform daily website scan. It will detects any sort of threat intrusion and alert website’s owner at the first place. This Sitelock program is now available with one month free access when you choose their unlimited hosting service.

Do you really need this type of domain protection? With the increased online threat, business websites that dealing with huge amount of sales and profit every month, are searching for best website protection they can find. This is one of the best when come to external security scanning.


Powweb coupon: Community directory listing promotion.

Choosing to list your domain into their community directory listing is a good advantage. Their community listing is fast growing and with huge customer base, listing your site in here will offer certain exposure and benefits. For new user, anyone can choose to enroll here at cheaper price if choosing 5 years listing. Regular price is $29.95 and 5 years pricing is only $23 dollars each year.


Powweb coupon: 1GB free cloud storage space.

They are doing their best to include more free gifts to their customers. The latest offer is with 1 GB cloud storage space for all their customers. This feature is available via their control panel. Choose to activate this online storage by entering your name, email address and password.

cloud storage

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Powweb webmail clients and spam protection

Powweb webmail clients program are the best.

Their shared web hosting plan allows multiple emails account to be hosted and each account is accessible via online webmail. Once a new email account is added, we can connect it through Outlook Express or any other client software of choice and send receive message through here. When asked for our opinion on their email service quality, we have no problem with it so far and we are able to perform daily task with their email service.


From the control panel, we see there are providing three types of webmail clients program namely atmail, squirrelmail and horder. The latest Open-xchange webmail client is provided for free as well. We can use these webmail program for checking new messages and composing outgoing messages. Everything is done online and it works great.

How to create a new Powweb email account?

Their web hosting plan allows unlimited email accounts and we can do this from their control panel. From here choose to go to Mail Central, and from here we can create new email account. Choose a new standard email type and create a new for the new mailbox. Choose the domain name require and set a new password for this mailbox. All these are the only required thing and next we can complete the new mailbox. What we can do next is link this from our email client software and allow us to create message , send it and receive in future. From our review and testing, this new mailbox is working great and there is no difficulties during mailbox creation or when send receive the message.

Powweb SMTP setting and configuration for new mailbox.

There are quit a lot of chatter online and we often see new customers are asking about mailbox creation and configuration. Some people failed to get it up running and unable to send receive message via mail server. Take note that on upon creating new mailbox for your domain, there is a pending period of about 20 minutes. Give it 30 minutes before you try to connect to these new email account via client software. Here are the message we get from MailCentral:

Your mailbox has been created and will be active within 20 minutes.

After this mailbox is available, we can now check its configuration setting and apply it to our email client software of choice.

  1. Username: support@cheapwebhost.space
  2. SMTP server: smtp.powweb.com (port 587).
  3. POP server: pop.powweb.com (port 110).
  4. Outgoing server requires SMTP authentication.

From this control panel, we can choose additional email addon or upgrade. The default mailbox account storage size is set to 500 MB, and we can choose to upgrade up to 10 GB in total storage. And there is upgrade to Google Apps available too.

Powweb email sending limit is 200 per hour.

Web hosting company apply limitation on their email services in order to stop spamming activity and prevent server overload. Their email limits is set to 4800 per day or 200 per hour. This limit is quit good and better compare to most budget hosting providers. To work around this and use it for sending out maximum message per day, setup the email sending script to get 200 addresses from MySQL database. And add this script to run by cron job from control panel and set it to every hour performs once. This will fully optimized the given resources. This is a small temporary solution and will not work for high demand email marketing service that hope to send thousand of mail per hour. For that specific requirement, there is a need for VPS or dedicated hosting that offers much higher sending capability.

Powweb email spam protection and feature are provided too.

Inside this control panel, we found a Spam management setting and we can choose to apply protection to all email accounts available. This is a global setting and once activated, all domain associated with our account will be using the same spam filtering setting. We can choose either to delete the spam message, store it separate directory for 7 days or just receive the message with subject line prefix only. There is additional grey-list and white-list feature to add sender into contact.

Powweb email catch-all feature is available here.

In additional, the email catch-all feature is also supported by their load-balanced hosting plan too. If you are doing business and worry people sending message to wrong address or simply the address is no longer valid due to employee leaving the company etc, this catch-all feature is the tool to use. Setting the bounce email address and direct all invalid address to here. If you don’t want those message to be bounced to a default address, alternatively you can choose to trash or delete those invalid one.

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Powweb.com affiliate program a trick or treat?

Powweb affiliate program is available for free signup.

In the pass 1 year, we have been actively reviewing hosting provider and also their marketing plan which is usually powered by their affiliate program. This play a major role in determining the success of a company. If the affiliate program is sucks, there is no marketing force to push the business further. A simple marketing program does play an important role in the success of this hosting company.

affiliate program

Powweb affiliate program pay rate is average good.

They pay a fixed commission rate of $77.77 per sales referred. It is using cookies and visitor referred through the given link will have cookies tracking. When the new user signup, you will get paid. Not too soon as according to TOC agreement, there are two main points we like to point out here. Firstly the new customer account must be active for 37 days and secondly the referral fees must met minimum amount in order to receive the payment.

Is their affiliate payout fair enough?

This web hosting brand is not the most popular choice and there are many other top brand available online. For comparison, there are iPage affiliate that pays up to $150 and Fatcow affiliate that pays $100 per sales. If you only can choose one web host to promote, for sure we will recommend the top web hosts with highest payout and the one with best products and easiest to promote.

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Powweb vDeck control panel & real account test

Powweb vDeck review (updated 2014)

This year their control panel is having some improvement and we can now see a better user interface and more addon features available. From testing, we know the Simplescripts is working great and we have installed a few CMS scripts in here via this 1-click installer. Basically, what we have done lately are:

  1. Addon new domain name and host additional website.
  2. Create subdomain name and move this review site to subdomain.
  3. Perform domain redirection and point the old primary domain URL to this subdomain location.
  4. Upgrade the PHP version to 5.3 as the newest available.
  5. Email support and get their help in some CMS site setup issues (fixed).

This year we have done a lot of thing here, and most importantly we are able to achieve all that quickly and without waste of time. This vDeck control panel is working well and without problem. Customer service is helpful, the tools are available and working as expected.


Powweb vDeck control panel is excellent.

Different web host uses different software, some is obviously better than another and some are really outdated and shouldn’t be use at all. There is two control panel that we preferred, which is vDeck 4.0 and cPanel 11. These are the two famous choice with cPanel remain unchanged for their interface and there is server cache management improvement to speed up websites. And for vDeck 4 there is huge improvement in usability, functionality and speed. For such a positive improvement, there are more web hosts switching to vDeck and stick with them. This is a web host that switch from OPS control panel to the latest vDeck as well. It was the righteous move and we love to use this. All features are provided inside and its bundle with the domain management and account management that is obviously missing from cPanel. This Pow Web review site is setup via this vDeck and we are accessing it quit often to manage the website’s content or configure the domain setting.

vdeck control panel

Powweb control panel login.

In order to login, first go to the official website and at the top section click the log in link to proceed. Enter username and password to gain access. This control panel is suitable for all type of users. We find it is suitable for all beginner and advanced users. Either you have prior website hosting experience or not, this is the one that is easy to understand. They also provide video tutorial and clear instruction to configure website setting as well.

User account information and setting can be changed easily.

At the right column, there is a user information section and in here are quick links to pages that allow you to change contact info, account password, payment or billing details and so on. These are real convenient and not many other web hosts are offer this type of quick link. Some even hide their customer billing page at separate login page and another set of password to remember. The quick link includes:

  1. Change account info.
  2. Change password.
  3. Set security question.
  4. Payment overview.
  5. Update credit card.

Powweb Simplescripts installer is included free.

They will no longer be using Installcentral and now will be replaced with Simplescripts. All website installation can now be done via this free installer tool. This new Simplescripts is a 1-click installer that allows customers to access large collection of open source apps and perform quick installation from here. This is similar to Fantastico and Softaculous apps and user can now add applications to existing web hosting account with few mouse clicks.

This is a fully automated installer toll and there is no manual FTP setup process required for any open source apps. You can use this installer tool for personal and small business websites, there is no fee require either. We can choose from the available apps collection, start the installation, and even uninstall any unwanted apps too. This is very flexible and we love this feature a lot.

There are few other vDeck web hosting plans that also offering this Simplescripts installer, beside this there is Ipower, iPage, Fatcow and few other top web hosts that chosen to use this control panel.


Powweb nameservers and DNS configuration.

Either you are changing domain registrar, transfer domain or simply want to host existing domains at here… the thing you should know about is this domain nameserver or DNS. This is the web address use by your domain name to find its host server. If you are hosting the domain from here, the following setting should be used:

  • Nameserver: ns1.powweb.com
  • Nameserver: ns2.powweb.com

Web server software version and information.

Some web application demand the most latest software version, and for this some users are interested to find out what the web host is offering and either their website can be supported in here or not. As of November 2014, following the the server configuration for our account.

  • CGI active.
  • FrontPage extensions no.
  • Platform type is Debian.
  • MySQL version 5.5.32
  • Perl version 5.8.8
  • PHP version 5.3
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Using guest blogging to increase your traffic

Have you ever considered allowing guest blogging on your own website in order to increase your traffic? If not, then in all honesty it it something that you seriously need to think about as there is no doubt that it can quickly expand your current reach. However, as with any form of marketing, and this could be referred to as such, there are a number of things to think about before you go ahead and take action.

Getting the correct content.

Of course as it is your blog it is up to you to ultimately decide on the content that appears, after all, it is your name that is at risk here. However, it should always be something that is unique, as you do not want a blog that has just been copied from elsewhere, and it should also have some relevancy to what you normally write about.

Say for example you write about beauty products in general. One idea for a guest blog would be having a hairdresser or makeup artist writing a post because that is relevant. You may even want to have somebody write about fashion or health just as long as there is some kind of link to what you do.

The one thing that you should never do is to look at having something posted that is way out there and completely different to your audience. People will just switch off in their droves and your blog will just suffer.

Guest blogging can boost your traffic.

So, you can see the kind of posts that you could have on your blog, but there is one other major positive when the content is relevant in some way. The people that are guest blogging will have their own audience and if you share links, which means they post on their blog about writing for you and you have a link to their blog on that post, then you are going to see an upsurge in traffic.

This happens because their audience has built up a feeling of trust with them in exactly the same way as your audience has. They are then more likely to visit another blog that has been recommended to them so you can easily pick up more subscribers and followers due to this method.

What are the pros and cons of guest blogging?

You can see that there are positives associated with having an individual post a guest blog on your site, but there are a few negatives surrounding it as well.

  • Pros – You get fresh content on your website without you having to write it.Your audience will see something relevant and interesting to them.It paints you in a more positive light that people are willing to post on your blog as a guest.Your audience will increase if you swap links.
  • Cons – You need to be absolutely sure that the content is correct for your blog.You have to check that it is not just copied from elsewhere.You need to do your due diligence on the individual and spend time finding the right person to post.

Overall, the positives of guest blogging far outweigh the negatives and this is certainly excellent news for your blog. Think carefully about what should be posted, find people that are relevant, and just see if they are willing to contribute. You never know, it might just be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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