Powweb vs Godaddy and Siteground – Price and quality comparison

  1. Lets start with Powweb (PW) hosting.

They have been around for a long time. To be precise, it has been around since the year 1999 and have built a good reputation over the years by providing quality and cheap hosting services. They offer only one hosting plan and currently charging $4.88 per month for it. Customer can select either a 12 months plan or 24 months plan. However, you should keep in mind the fact that you will be subjected to the regular charge of $8.95 a month for 12 months and $7.95 a month for 24 months when the period covered by the initial contract expires.

They offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. This allows users to host unlimited websites. MYSQL database is included for free in the hosting package. You will also get a free domain name when you place a 12 or 24 months offer.

They have developed a custom control panel know as OPS at the time and later upgraded to vDeck. Most web hosting companies use commercial control panels such as cPanel. OPS is very power and it’s easy to use. It helps to make all the basic tasks easy, from creating new email accounts and registering new domain names. However, the main disadvantage about a custom control panels is the time it will take for a new customer to learn how to use it.

Their email support is very effective. The customer support team always strives to ensure that all the questions from customer are answered promptly. There is also a toll free line that can be used from Monday to Friday. However, the toll free support is only available to customer in the United States and Canada. You will also have a huge community forum to help with the problems that you might face.

  1. Now lets compare with Godaddy.

Godaddy is an older company and has been around since 1997. Godaddy offers shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. There are three options in the shared hosting plan. At the moment, the company charges $2.99 per month for the Economy plan, $4.99 per month for the Deluxe plan and $9.99 for the Ultimate plan. With the economy plan, you will get 1 Website, 10 databases, 100GB disk space and 100 email addresses are included. With the Deluxe plan, you will be allowed to host unlimited websites, you will have unlimited bandwidth and disk space, 500 email addresses and 25 databases. Everything is unlimited when you decide to take the Ultimate plan.

Godaddy has its own control panel. This control panel does not have as many tools as the cPanel. The design of the control panel is good but not as good as good as cPanel’s design. However, when one gets used to it, it will be easy to do most of the basic tasks.

Email, and call support are available to Godaddy customers. Live support is not available. Phone support is in English and the support team members always try to ensure that they have solved the problems of the customers. It may take hours to get a response from the support time when you decide to use ticket support.

View Godaddy web hosting here.

  1. Next, compare with SiteGround.

SiteGround came into operation in 2003 It is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. Data centers are located in several locations in the United States, Europe and Singapore. SiteGround focuses on new website owner and website owner who are technically advanced. SiteGround provides shared hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting plans. There are three plans for shared hosting customers. These are the startup plan, GrowBig plan and GoGeek. The costs are $3.95, $7.95 and $14.95 respectively. The more you pay, the more the features that you are going to enjoy.

Siteground provides cPanel to its users. cPanel is used by several other hosting companies and is relatively easy for new website owners to use. Transition will be easier when you are coming from another host. All the important features are readily available because of the well-executed design of the control panel.

SiteGround provides 24/7 support to its customers. You can get support through live chat, ticket support and through the phone. Live support allows you to get instant answers to your questions. The ticket support system is also fast compared to other two hosts. Phone support is okay although it may be difficult for some people to understand technicians because of their accent.

View Siteground web hosting review here.

  1. Who is the winner?

As we have seen above, PW hosting have been rapidly improving their products and service quality throughout the years. If budget shared hosting that have an unbeatable price is what you need, this PW is the recommended choice in this trio web hosting comparison.

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Powweb forum review and how to setup online forum site?

It is a common knowledge that having a running and active web community is one of the best ways to increase customer loyalty, sales and credibility for you business over the internet. As a matter of fact, a large enough web community itself can target a wealthy demographic position and can well bring a lot of revenue home. People generally use a web based forum as the prime point for a web based community. Although, it is not an easy task to set up and run a forum and the whole procedure requires dedication and immense patience.

Which forum script is the best? It is a very important step to choose wisely the platform for your forum software. InvasionBoard is a popular forum and is easy to setup. The ease and user friendly tone of this forum software is the reason behind its popularity. But the free version of InvasionBoard is not available nowadays. With people preferring free forum setup software services, InvasionBoard is gradually losing its footing on the market for new users. The initial set up file and a trial version is available for free but the main version can be downloaded only after paying a healthy amount. The forum software pundits though advice on using and running the free version and then upgrade to the paid version as the replacement of this forum software is still not readily available in the market.

There is obviously other top quality free forum service software. One of such software is phpBB. phpBB is an open source forum software. This is slowly growing to become one of the most popular free forum software in the present market. Another option is using is vBulletin. This forum software comes with an underlying tone of sophistication and professionalism. This forum software is mainly used by the big corporate firms, it looks good but is a paid one.

How to setup my own forum site? To set up a forum by yourself, you need to know the basics of creating or setting up one. The most popular and easy steps to set up forum software for your organization or community are as follows:

  1. Be specific on choosing a community topic.

If you desire to be the forerunner or the administrator of the forum or the group that you are trying to create than be very specific about choosing the community topic or the subject. Make sure that you know all the tid-bits and are super knowledgeable of the subjects that are going to be the community topic. And be specialized; choose a subtopic rather than a generalized topic. There is a great chance that a lot other forums are out there with the similar topic in broader sense. So, try to be unique and set up for something that you know almost everything of.

  1. Selecting a hosting provider.

If you are a little bit experienced with web development, you are probably ready to set up your own particular message board by using a personalized forum software package. You can even employ various hosting providers to automatically install the forums on your behalf. You can always take help from remote forum services such as EZboard or Proboards who offer forums on sub domains which enables you to have the forum host names in your address. But some of the forum developers prefer to have their own domain which is now provided by a number of hosts. Get a good host and be very particular about that as your community connection and the popularity and looks of your forum directly depends upon that.

  1. Creating your forums.

It is ideal to create a number of forums to address various aspects of the topics and subjects that you and your community are going to discuss on the forum. Don’t over categorize and try to remain within your initial points. Add only those subtopics which you are assured to be well versed with.

  1. Advertising.

Try to have a grand opening of your forum and make sure that people come to know about your forum. Ask your friends to spread the news and post the link of your website in various social media sites.

  1. Moderators.

Employ moderators for each topic and subtopic of your forum. Make sure that they keep the discussion going and keep the members engaged all the time. Post more topics and keep your forum updated.

For most beginner that looking for a quality web hosting plan to host their first forum site, we would recommend this Powweb forum compatible hosting services that comes with phpBB and SMF scripts installer.

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What is website link analysis?

Having a website is very common these days for each and every type of business. Be it small or large, everyone owns a website of their own. With the help of some SEO tools and technologies you can improve the rank of your website too in the Google search result. But often due to some unnatural links or bad backlinks you will notice that your website is not displayed on the top results of the search engine. You have to do proper link analysis in order to get rid of this situation. This will also help you to get a better position in the search engine result ranking.

Link analysis is a process is a process by which you can build networks between interconnected objects. This will certainly help to explore the trends and patterns. This analysis is based on the graph theory which is a part of mathematics. You can use a backlink analyzer to analyse the links of any specific website. You will also get the important data and statistics about the links in details.

  1. Important of link analysis.

No doubt, that backlink are one of the main factors of a Search Engine Optimisation campaign. But analysing those backlinks is equally important for making that campaign successful. There are many importance of analysing the backlinks. It gives you knowledge about the niche of your competitors. It will also give you an accurate insight about your surrounding competitive work regarding your areas.

The quality of link building often determines the success of the websites. But, beware of the link building websites that build low quality links. These links help to build quality opportunities. Analysing and auditing the backlinks is thus very important so that you can remove the harmful links. This will help you get rid of the spam that over optimize your website.

  1. Identify unnatural links.

Google Penguin has become very strong and efficient these days and that is why webmasters from all around the world are busy to clean the spam from websites. You can use some tools to do link analysis and identify the unnatural links on your website. You can also remove them to make your website better and clean. If you have your own websites then you can use Webmaster Tools to identify those unnatural backlinks. It will be really help for you to identify them from the detailed information shown in Webmaster Tools.

  1. What good link profile looks like?

Backlinks are one of the most important elements of SEO. It definitely helps you to get a better ranking in the search engine results but it is not just the backlinks. There are many more factors associated with this. A good link profile will have not spam links and only high quality authorized links. Along with this a good link profile should also have lots of high quality and valuable information. One of the most important aspects of a link profile is the quality of backlinks and in a website ranking is the link profile itself.

In order to keep your website a good link profile, you have to make sure that you do proper link analysis. You have to then identify the bad links and remove them from your website with the help of backlink removal tools. Only high quality and high uthority backlinks are preferable in your website which will definitely help your website to get a better rank in the search engine result. You do not have to include spam links to do so. In fact spam backlinks can decrease your ranking in search engine result or even your website can be removed due to this.

  1. Conclusion

So, the first and foremost thing that you need to know is which link is unnatural and which one is natural. Webmaster Tools will help your to identify the natural and unnatural links for you. You just need to see the details about the links and short list the spam links. Then remove it from your website. By doing this you will keep your website in a good link profile and also this will help you to increase the rank of your website. You need to have a good rank when your business largely depends on the online visitors. Higher rank in search engine results will attract a lot of traffic too.

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Powweb speed testing – Is it fast or slow?

Their load balanced hosting plan should be faster compare to other conventional plan. We wish they will outperformed any other competitor. With this additional hardware configuration in place, we should be able to receive some optimized hosting environment and brought to its full potential.

Is the actual Powweb speed fast or slow? With own account, we’re able to test the server loading time and speed. Our site response time and performance is satisfying and with transfer rate of 185 kilobytes per second. Current webpage in test is with 260 kilobytes in weight, this mean the site took a 1.40 second to transfer itself from server to our user computer. This simple webpage test will tell us the network and server performance in complete.

If you want to have the latest website speed rating, please choose any online testing tool and use it to check this hosted site for speed rating.

Powweb speed test

We also conduct Powweb speed test with YSlow checker tool. Now we know the average website’s speed is good and we are looking at a very good shared hosting service here. We aren’t stop here and for this year, we are using this latest performance checking tool and rate our website accordingly. From first test, the site is summarized with page speed grade of 75% and Yslow grade is now 73%. It makes a few suggestion and asking us to add compression feature like gzip or use content delivery network to improve website’s loading speed.


After using the Yslow speed test, we found out the site is not optimized and the content can be compressed further. This includes CSS and JavaScripts content can be compressed via minify addon plugin. We are now testing this and check the site performance after.

The second test is now showing significant improvement and now moved from grade “C” to “B”. The site is now rated 86% compare to previous 75%. This is near 15% in overall improvement and all these via a simple minify plugin installation. This speed check tool really helps and we love the visible advantage now.


Powweb slow and what to do next? If your website hosted with them are running slower than usual or currently having some issue regarding speed performance, the best thing to do is immediately contact their technical support team via online live chat and inform them about this. Get them to check on the web server and ask them to identify the issue that causing that. Commonly it is caused by neighbouring sites that are over-using the server resource and causing the other sites to perform slower than usual. This is common in shared hosting environment especially during the peak hours. Their load-balancing technology are able to minimize this problem and its impact to other websites. This is the reason to choose their hosting service.

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Generating consistent traffic via forum marketing

These days, all the entrepreneurs and business organizations need a professional website to promote and market its products online. In recent years, the scope of internet marketing has been rapidly growing. Therefore, it’s essential to check, build and evaluate the right online marketing plan. When you come up with an effective plan, you get a clear idea of blogging, social media, content development, analytics and SEO.

When you want to achieve positive results with your internet marketing plan, it’s important to seek professional help. These days, you can choose from numerous internet marketing programs, which help you achieve desired goals. In addition to this, you can also use some channels of marketing to achieve good results.

While developing an internet marketing campaign, you need to use the right tools. Besides Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, forum marketing is also an effective tool to drive more traffic to your website. In this post, we have discussed how to build an effective forum marketing campaign.

In simple terms, a forum is a website or webpage where numerous people can discuss problems, strategies, opinions or other things you want. These days, you can conveniently join a popular forum online, and participate in a healthy discussion. Forums even allow you to link back information to your website. The signature text appears below the post. Here’s how you can develop an effective campaign.

  1. Find a relevant website – Needless to say, this is the first step to develop a good campaign. You need to find a relevant and popular forum website to engage in a discussion. For instance, if your business is about automotive parts, you need to find a forum where people talk about cars, automotive parts and other similar subjects.
  2. Join a place with good traffic – The primary purpose is to generate more traffic. Therefore, you need to find a place that already has lots of traffic. This will help you gain more exposure and visibility among your target audience.
  3. Become an authority – In order to engage in good conversations and build trust, you need to become an authority figure in your field. Therefore, when you’re engaging in discussions, you should share relevant information. This makes sure your target audience follows you on a regular basis. It also allows you to build strong reputation in the industry.
  4. Use backlink in signature – When it comes to forum marketing, you should always use backlinks. They will be the primary source of generating more traffic on your website. You should use backlinks in your signature after posting comments.
  5. Advertise in text link ads, banner ads etc. – Last but not the least, it’s extremely important to advertise in text link ads, banner ads and other channels. Paid advertising is considered the best way to generate more traffic.

These were some simple tips to develop an effective campaign with forum marketing. When you use these tips, you will be able to generate more traffic on your website. Moreover, these will be high quality leads easier to convert into customers.

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